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Evil Needle / PRISM Mix 002

The second in PRISM’s mix series comes from Evil Needle, a producer who has seen his stock steadily rise throughout the last couple of years with the release of his ‘Mood’ and ‘Equilibrium’ albums.

For this mix he’s chosen to go in a different direction to most and selected his favourite video game music, giving shine to a number of Japanese producers who make sounds that are a world away from the 8-bit themes that normally spring to mind. Spanning styles from jazz to prog to electronic music this is one of the most interesting mixes we’ve heard in a minute.


Koji Kondo / Intro
Hiroshi Yamaguchi / Chapter Clear
Junya Nakano / Phantoms
Tetsukazu Nakanishi / Frozen Soul
Jun Senoue feat. Tabitha Fair / Fly In The Freedom
Yasuhisa Watanabe / Limitless Cinderella
Yasuhisa Watanabe / Snow Fox
Shinji Hosoe / Train Stage
Fumie Kumatani / Hakura Temple
Kou Hayashi / One Thing Reality
Mitsuto Suzuki / Glorious Fanfare
Nobuyoshi Sano/ Exh Notes
NCSST / Silhouette Dance
Hiroshi Okubo / Silver Stream
NCSST / Lightning Luge
ESTi / Supercruiser
Daisuke Nagata / Hey Little Girl, Go Home Soon
NCSST / Lucid Rythyms
Yasuhisa Watanabe / Grey Lips